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St. Mark Catholic Church

St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church is offering either a part or full-time position, depending on what the candidate prefers to apply for. 

The full-time option comes with a full benefits package. 

St. Mark Catholic church is located on Tangerine Road in Oro Valley, between La Cholla Boulevard and Thornydale Road. It’s a very large Parish, ans is expanding rapidly thanks to all the newly approved housing construction in the area. 

We have an Adult Choir, Youth Choir, and a Praise Band, as well as 4 staff singers (SATB).  For holidays/feast days we usually engage 4 to 10 professional musicians from the Tucson Symphony.

Interested parties can apply at:



Parish website: https://www.stmarkov.com/

St. Mark Catholic Church

2727 W. Tangerine Road

Oro Valley, AZ 85742

Third Church of Christ, Scientist

Full-time organist needed

One service Sunday morning, then another service on Wednesday evenings.

Pay is $90 per service Organ is a three manual Allen, 1992 vintage (I believe the model number is MS-65)

No choir, just a soloist to accompany on Sunday mornings

Three hymns, Prelude, offertory (Sunday morning) and postlude

Third Church of Christ, Scientist

7355 N Paseo del Norte

Tucson, AZ 85704

Interested parties can call the Clerk at 520-297-6779 or email the Clerk at Clerk@cs3tucson.org.

Below this is a job description of the church soloist position:

Full-time soloist needed. 

One weekly service on Sunday morning.

The remuneration for the Sunday morning service is $90.

The singer “leads” three hymns during the service. This “leading” is simply projecting the voice in a manner so that the voice is comfortably heard above the organ and the congregation. Good diction is also expected from the singer for all hymns and solos. Singer also sings one solo per Sunday which is chosen well ahead of the time by the church’s Music Committee.

This vocal solo is very important in a Christian Science church since there is no choir – only the vocal solo.

Ordinarily, the soloist comes about an hour before the service time during which time the organist and vocalist rehearse that Sunday

morning’s solo as well as that morning’s hymns. The Sunday hymns are only furnished to the singer at the time of that Sunday’s rehearsal. 

This rehearsal is usually quite short because both the organist and soloist are expected to arrive fully prepared, both musically and vocally. Usually, the scheduled solos are furnished to the singer at least a month ahead of time. It is the singer’s responsibility to come on a Sunday morning fully prepared, musically and vocally, to sing the scheduled solo. 

Third Church of Christ, Scientist

7355 N Paseo del Norte

Tucson, AZ 85704

Interested parties can call the Clerk at 520-297-6779 or email the Clerk at Clerk@cs3tucson.org.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

St. Stephen Episcopal Church in Sierra Vista is seeking a new Music Director. 

The pipe organ is a 6 rank David McDowell installed in1970, and rebuilt by Michael O’Sullivan in 2008.  We had an organ crawl in Sierra Vista and Bisbee awhile back and this was one of the places we visited. 

The church is located at:

2750 Cardinal Drive – Sierra Vista, AZ  85635

Applications/resumes should be sent to their Rector, Rev. Allison Cornell.  Her email address is on the attached PDF.

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