Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Grace St Paul Church Organ

The original 35-rank organ for Grace Episcopal Church was built by David McDowell in 1959. In 1991, when the parish of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church merged with the parish of Grace Episcopal Church, the two churches’ organs were also merged, again by David McDowell. The organ rebuild also added new pipes and a new moveable console.

Grace St. Paul Church Organ

In 1996, Pipe Organ Artisans of Arizona, Inc., Carl Anderson, and Grahame Davis mapped out a tonal plan using most of the older pipes, and adding new accompaniment voices, mixtures, and chorus reeds, for a total of 58 ranks. Older reeds were restored and revoiced with slightly higher wind pressure to better carry the sound from the deep organ chambers, and the entire organ was provided with new slider chests.

Dr. Pamela Decker is the organist at Grace St. Paul’s.

Grace St. Paul Church

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